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Are you looking for driving lessons with an excellent driving school?

With Driving School Ton Wesker, you'll be ready for your driving test better thanks to a modular training system that's enjoyable and easy to manage, boosting your chances of getting your driving licence.

More than 70% pass in one sitting

Driving School Wesker helps you get a driver's license quickly and professionally. You can choose from different lesson packages.


Driving license from 17 years of age

Because of 2toDrive, you can start driving lessons earlier. From the day you turn 17, you can take your driving test.


Fear of failure

During driving lessons, everyone is allowed to make mistakes. It only shows what your learning goals are. Based on those learning goals, we work together step-by-step toward the desired result.


Driver Training In Steps

Here you learn to drive step-by-step. With this modern driving course, you will be better prepared to participate in traffic.

Driving Instructor Ton Wesker

As a driving instructor, I have taken the regular driving course and I further hold the certificates of Fear of Failure Instructor and Driving Course In Steps. I also give driving lessons in English.

I strive to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the lesson car where together we strive for your ultimate goal and that is, of course, to obtain your driver's license.


High success rate


Spread payment possible


Learning package that suits you


Relaxed and relaxed classes


Permanent driving instructor

Experiences of others

Proud... so Proud πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
And then my youngest canker also got his driver's license in 1x!!!
I keep saying it, if you want guaranteed very good and professional car driving lessons, then sign up with Driving School Ton Wesker!!!
Ton Thank you so much for your patience and time in those boys of mine! ❀️


Mitchell Lubbers

Ton gives very good lessons with the result that I passed in 1x! He is also a kind man who takes you into account. He knows very well how to deal with fear of failure and he always gives you the support you need. I am very grateful to Ton for his help and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Solinde Vos

Thanks to ton wesker I passed my theory and practice in 1 time. I found the driving lessons extremely exciting and the tension made me insecure, Ton wesker dispelled my insecurity and we popped through the lessons through to my exam.
Super thanks!!!

Tristan Lubbers

What an incredibly fun and educational time I had behind the wheel with Ton in his lesson car. If I had to take lessons again I would drive with Ton Wesker again! There is always a pleasant atmosphere in the car and besides that you can always talk about anything with Ton. Ton thanks!

Julian Spaarwater

Learning kits

Good to know:

  • Of course, it is also possible to put together your own curriculum.
  • Deferred payment possible.
  • All amounts are inclusive of V.A.T.
  • Price changes and input errors subject to change.
  • AUTOMATIC* for this there is a surcharge of € 5.50 per lesson hour

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